Blood Lines of our horses
Arabian Mares   Mares
All our mares are pure-bred Arabians, chosen for their performance ability.  Many are from horses raised for ranch work.
We have 5 mares directly related to the stallion,  Royal Alla, a grandson of Abu Alla, who produced many fine performance horses.  Two well known ones in Alberta are Royal Alameer and Alla's JoyRide (JR)  .  This line of horses has been setting performance standards in Alberta for over fifty years.      Photos of JR

We also have 3 mares with old Polish bloodlines and 3 mares with strong Egyptian lines.

Canadien Stallion
South Forty Boum Boum Heisler - Registration Number [CAN] 7567, Born May 2, 1998.  Go to Canadian Horse site for pedegree.

 Riding horses, some of our geldings in a photo album under development:


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