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South Forty Boum Boum Heisler

Riding Heisler at 5

Enter here for Heisler at 4 in a carefully
preserved field during our 2002 drought.

  Heisler @ 3
 Enter here for Heisler at two

Born May 2, 1998, Heisler has been a joy to be around.

Registry Number 7567

I had dreamed of riding endurance on Heisler to show off the breed and one day doing the Tevis Cup with him.  He was trained to ride and drive.  Unfortunately we had an accident with a cart and he cut a tendon on the left rear.  He reinjured it in a slip in the mud in the spring of 2004.  While he is still rideable as a pleasure horse, he is no longer a horse that could be ridden competitively as there would be too much risk of reinjury.  For the last five years he has been running in the pasture, turned out with the mares he has bred for the season.  He is still incredibly friendly and manageable as the photos below show.    The first photo is visiting in the pasture, the second is my grandson riding a mare in the pasture with Heisler grazing in the background.  Click to enlarge

Heisler, Wayne, CatRowan on Dream
Click to Enlarge

Videos from July, 2008:

Pedegree.  (See link for on line information  7567  )

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