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Short Form Listing of Horses for Sale


Young Horses:   Yearlings - April 2009   Part 1        Part 2     Part 3

Canadian Invader - two year old :  Photos - April 2009

Heisler :  Photos - April 2009

Sale List

I will be keeping 4 or 5 horses as riding horses.

The remainder are listed below with information about them.

For sale on a first come first serve basis to good homes.

I reserve the right not to sell a horse to anyone.

List and description of horses:   Horses for Sale Listing

Brood Mares:- Columns have brood mares at top, their foals are below them.   

Dalla (1986 BM) (leased)
Shezana BM
Solo (1991 BM)
Libby (1994 BM)

Shetana (1992 BM)
Mystique (1994 BM)
Dream (1991 BM)
Serenity  BM
NFS-Allante (2000)

Pfelina (1998)   ----->
Pfelina (1998 BM)
(Leased to Julie Suhr)
Brook (2000)
Kittique (2002)

Farouche (2004)
(Sold)Kitalla (2002)

(Sold) Domino (2002)
(Sold)Diamonte (2002)
Forte (2004)
(Sold) Chinook (2001)
Good Guy (2005)

Ghost Dancer (2005)
Gaila (2005)

(Sold) Flirt   (2004)

Firefly (2004)

Honda (2006) Haida (2006)

HiJinks (2006)
Harley (2006)
Nasreena (deceased)
(Sold) Lady Hlima BM

Invader (2007)
Idyll (Lily) (2007)  Iron (2007)

Innukshuk (2007) Chance (2001)
(Sold) Artie (1999)



(Sold) Dash (2002)
(Sold) Diva (2002)

(Sold) Fog (2004)


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