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Letter from Trainer on Brook, 2000 Filly

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Rocky Mountain Mules

December 2, 2003

I found Brooke (sic) to be a wonderful horse to work with.  She is a thinker! She does not take flight like I would have expected her to in certain situations but instead held her ground and faced what was bothering her.  She pulls hard to her Canadian heritage and had a need to see what is happening around her and she pays close attention to everything.  Brooke learns extremely fast, it seems you just need to show her and when she has it, she has it.  She loves to do what is asked of her ...

Brooke is a gentle animal and has never offered to buck in any situation I have put her in.  She is soft on the bit and has finger tip control. She is starting to work well of your leg on the forehand, haunches and laterally as well,  She has nice smooth transitions and is starting to feel comfortable with a rider.

This is one of the nicest horses I have worked with to date.  She will only get better with time, and I feel she has the potential to be a top performer.

VERY NICE HORSE!!!   (Emphasis by trainer)

Karen Anderson

Note:  We expect many of our crosses to be of this calibre. That is why we are crossing the Arabians with the Canadians.  We expect to add calmness and a good working attitude.  Wayne Delbeke

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