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1999 Foals

1999 Foals Canadian Arctic (Artie, grey gelding) and Canadi Ana (Annie, bay filly)

Photos taken in spring of 2001, rising two year olds. All picutres are clickable for better resolution ( unless they aren't.) If they don't go off to a more detailed picture then Wayne forgot to do one.  Drop me a line if you find one and I might fix it.  Thanks.


Canabians - half Arabian, half Canadien.  The black gelding will turn grey.  He has beautiful collected movement.  He matured at 15 hands.  He looks really good on long lines, loves to run and jump ... and will likely be an excellent riding and carriage horse. The bay filly has long legs and a long stride.  She was about 15 hands at 4 years old.  She was sold as an endurance and all purpose prospect, she has done some LD and one or two 50's as of fall 2004.

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