2000 Foals

2000 Foals

Arabian: Allante - bay colt born July 2000, photos are at 8 months old.  Nephew to Alla's Joyride (JR) and Allameer sired by Royal Alla who sired a well established line of endurance horses in Alberta. Records are noted in the Endurance Riders of Alberta year end awards. (see Note - the black horse in the back ground is Canadian Artic (Artie - 1999 foal) who will be grey one day.

Canabian: Canadian Brook - chestnut filly born May 2000, photos are at 8 and 10 months old


Allante (Arabian colt), Brook (Canabian filly) and Annie (Canabian yearling filly) winter 2000 - sunset over the round pen.

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